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TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1)New Owners will take possession at closing which will take place 30 days or less of sale. 2)SALE ORDER: See Attached (page 3) 3)Payment Terms: 20% down payment is due auction day at the signing of the contracts. The total sales price will include the final selling price PLUS a 10% Buyers Premium. Check or Cashier's Check will be accepted as your down payment. Your balance will be due at closing not to exceed 30 days. Today's sale is not contingent on buyers obtaining financing. High Bidder will sign and auction sales agreement and pay the 20% down payment before leaving the premises. All funds will be held in White Oak Premier Properties, LLC. trust account. In the event a high bidder fails to close on any property, his/her monies will be forfeited. 4)Seller will be responsible for preparation of deed and deed stamps. New owner will be responsible for recording of deed. A title search will be the responsibility of the new owner if they desire. 5)KAC & WOPP is unaware of any building or zoning restrictions or ordinances. KAC & WOPP has not tested any of the described property and will not guarantee perk permits or septic tank permits. 6)Current year taxes will be paid by the seller. Rollback taxes (if any) will be paid by the Buyer. 7)The buyer agrees that he or she has duly inspected the property prior to the start of bidding. Buyer knows, agrees, and understands fully that he or she is buying the property AS IS, WHERE IS, with any and all faults, and without any expressed or implied warranties of any kind. Good, clean deed is the only thing guaranteed here today. 8)All information gathered for this auction is believed to be accurate and deemed to be correct, and is being provided here today as a guide and a guide only. All buyers are responsible for their own research and determinations. 9) All buyers must sign an acknowledgement of the Real Estate Agency Relationship Disclosure. 10) KAC reserves the right to reject and bid that deems harmful to the auction or any bid which would jeopardize the progress of the auction. 11) In case of a tie bid, at the sole discretion of the auctioneer the bidding may be reopened between the parties that he recognizes and the amount of the bid. 12) All announcements supersede any previous written, printed, or oral statements or contracts. 13) All Sales are Final. 14) WOPP is acting on behalf and if fully representative of the seller in this transaction. 15) By Bidding here today Bidder here-by acknowledges that they have done due diligence duly read, understand fully, and agree to all sale day terms and conditions and auction rules of Kingstree Auction Company, LLC. 16) This terms sheet is being offered and will be attached to all sales contracts as attachment 2.
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